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SUPPORT our campaign by clicking the MAKE A DONATION button to the right or search for your favorite team member or team in the lower right and donate on their page.  Donations make our mission possible - to reduce animal suffering.  

100% of the funds raised by Team Humane League will go to support our local GRASSROOTS advocacy to reduce this cruelty and OUTREACH to raise awareness of factory farming and encourage eating plant-based foods.

This year, with your support, we will reach more than 1 MILLION PEOPLE with information about the cruelties of factory farming and educate thousands of high school and college students. 

For more information about our work and how you can get involved, please visit our website.


Train with us to run a race or a triathlon this Fall. Or pick a different challenge: bike a century ride or hike a mountain or set a weightlifting goal. Or get active for animals by volunteering. It's your choice. CHALLENGE YOURSELF to go big for animals!

Register for the team today with a $25 contribution at the link below. Then you'll receive an email with your secret code to set up your fundraising page and access the team-only page with all the tools you need to meet your goals!

Recent Updates

It's GO TIME for Team Humane League and we need your help!
Activists across the country have been training for some really impressive challenges as part of Team Humane League. Teams are running big races this Fall with many members tackling new distances or speed goals. Team members are hitting the gym, meeting weightlifting...

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Register by July 1 to win!

Team Humane League has some amazing advisors including:
  • Matt Frazier, No Meat Athlete Founder & Marathon Runner
  • Scott Spitz, Marathon Runner & Coach
  • Micah Risk, Marathon Runner & Plant-based Nutritionist
  • Laura Kline, World Champion Multi-sport Athlete 
  • Scott Shetler, Powerlifter & Trainer
  • Michelle Kucerak, Fundraising Pro
Register for the team before July 1 to have a chance to win a personal coaching...

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Registration is now open!
In cities where we have offices, the first 10-15 people to register and set up their fundraising pages will receive goody bags with promo items from some of our sponsors! Don't delay, click the register button on the home page and then set up your fundraising page today!

PS - If you are not in a city where we have an office, don't worry, there will be some prizes for you too!

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Pat and Fran McKenna $100.00 Great job!
Anonymous Matching $100.00
Anonymous Matching $35.00
Anonymous Matching $10.00
Anonymous Matching $10.00
Anonymous Matching $15.00
Anonymous Matching $35.00
Anonymous Matching $25.00
Bill & Ursula Hesler $35.00 Keep up the amazing work!
Samantha Shorkey $25.00
Jake Henderson $100.00
Eileen Esworthy $36.00 Thank you!!!
Matt Eckmann $10.00
Matt Eckmann $10.00
Terry Stella $15.00 Go, Heather, go!
Anonymous Matching $30.00
Mark OBrien $30.00 :-) :-) :-)
Anonymous Donor $15.00 Buen trabajo Ana.
Andrea Adriana Gutiérrez Magaña $20.00 Buenas vibras, abrazos y éxito.
Sarah Black $25.00
Anonymous Matching $200.00
Anonymous Matching $25.00
Anonymous Matching $25.00
Anonymous Matching $25.00
Dorothy Allen $25.00 You are doing amazing work for animals, Rosie! Well done! Your dedication is really admirable ????????
Rachel Grabow $25.00
Stephanie Quinlan $25.00 Thank you for all that you do ????
Ben Schmidt $200.00
Wendy Baker $25.00 Love your heart!
Jessica Atkins $25.00 Go, Jacki!!!
Anonymous Matching $50.00
Anonymous Matching $30.00
Tiffany Barr $30.00 Thanks for all you do!!
Pamela Bolint $50.00 Heather! :)
Kristin Linde $20.00 For Aaron's birthday!!!
Robert and Sandra Stein $50.00 Congratulations Claire.
vivien vitolo $25.00
Sarah Routh $25.00
Steven Routh $100.00
Linda Stein $100.00 Congrats on completing the race and supporting this cause!
Anonymous Matching $50.00
Anonymous Matching $75.00
Anonymous Matching $10.00
Anonymous Matching $13.00
John McClane $13.00 Yippee Ki Yay...mother fucker.
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Adam Hoffman $25.00 Octopus Effect matching for Curt -- thank you!
Susan Lee $50.00 Way to go Suzanne!!!
Anonymous Matching $50.00
Anonymous Matching $75.00
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